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Any links to interesting websites.

In the plantlist are only links to photographes of plants out of my stock. But to give you the opportunity to view all the photographes, which are on the server, you have here a list of all species.
List of photographes.

The nursery of H. Kolster manages a large collection of the genus Euonymus. A lot of deciduous and some evergreen species and cultivars are planted in the collection. Visit the website and view the many photographes of this interesting genus.
• To the Euonymus website.

When you search for dwarf shrubs and conifers for your rockgarden, you can visit the website of Herman and Thea Geers. They grow a lot of dwarf- and miniature plants. Look at their website and see how great is the choise of that tiny plants.
• Naar de website van Herman en Thea Geers.

• To the website van Rein and Mark Bulk.

• To the website of C. Esveld.

• To the website of Arborealis.