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     especially rare and unknown shrubs



Welcome at our web-site.

photo of the new Calycanthus 'Venus'

At the nursery of H. Kolster, Boskoop, The Netherlands we grow a range of unusual and rare shrubs.
We would like to make our special assortment of shrubs known to more people than just our regular customers and have therefore now put our plant list onto the web.
We regret that not all of the plants in this list are always in stock, but at the end of the growing season, in October, we generally have the vast majority available and in sufficient quantity.
It is important for us to stress that we only sell to wholesalers, landscapers and garden centres and only on a "cash and carry" basis.
We regret that we are unable to arrange for the shipping or exporting of plants.
(See here for details of shipping the plants).
We do not sell to private persons.

The Rules for the Nurseries of The Netherlands (HBN) 2008 applies to all the transactions we make and this includes regulations applicable to shipping and export.

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